dwaa Hall of Fame


The DWAA recognizes individuals who are dedicated to supporting competitive sport opportunities for athletes with physical or visual disabilities within the Dixie Region (Alabama, Florida, and Georgia). There are two categories in which a person may be nominated: Category I (Athlete) or Category II (Non-athlete). One or more candidates may be selected in each category. An affirmative vote by two-thirds of the DWAA Board of Directors is required for election into the Hall of Fame.

Any DWAA member can nominate candidates for this award. Please submit your nomination with the following criteria in mind:♦ Consistency: Nominees should have demonstrated contributions to DWAA over a sustained period of time.

♦ Excellence: Nominees should include contributions of outstanding significance including record-setting performances, program improvements in the Dixie Region, etc. 
♦ Commitment: Nominees should exhibit dedication to competitive sports for athletes with physical or visual disabilities. Service should be of an unselfish nature intended to promote and improve the sport. Activities may include organizing teams and meets, public relations, fund raising, education, and coaching.

Nominations are received until March 15 of each year. Nominees remain eligible until voted into the Hall of Fame, withdrawn by the nominator or by 2/3rd’s vote of the Dixie BOD. To nominate a candidate or for further information contact Doug Brush at doug.brush@marrinc.org Induction will take place at the annual Dixie Games.



Dixie Hall of Fame Recepients

Year Athletes Non-Athletes
1989 Linda Priest
Terry Lee
LeVerne Achenback

Dee Dee Jones
1990 Rodney Ross Margie Staton
Donnie Sloan
Barb Trader
Randy Segner

1991 Tommy Hite
Mitch Strickland

Lee Rothman
Doug Bush
1992 Jimmy Green

Barry Ewing
1993 Bert Burns

Stacy Green
1994   Sherri Crooks

1995   Gail Ewing

1997 Bill Cowart Sandee Rodgers

2010 Kevin Orr Joseph Lyttle
Ron Pulley
Jennie Senter

2011   Andy Chasanoff
Duncan McC;usky

2012 Robyn Stawski  
2015 Ron Richardson  
2016   Matt Edens